Hello, welcome! I’m Lauren Brooke Vickery, owner and creator of LBV ART.

My work is a collection of abstract paintings that express moments, feelings, and concepts that captivate me. Combining the use of textures and colour, I explore the corners of life and interpret them onto a canvas. My work is a mix between dissociative fantasy and stark, but beautiful, reality.

I discovered my passion for art when I turned to painting to manage my PTSD and found that I got ‘lost’ in the paintings I was creating.

My love of the water and nature is something that you may notice in my work, and my time spent surfing/paddleboarding is what inspired the wave and ocean collections.

I primarily create abstract and fine art and work for commission. If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, which can be done by contacting me through the contact page.

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